Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yes we can!

Let me just start off by saying GOBAMA! :-) I am very excited for these next four years and I have faith that our President elect will steer us back on the right journey from the crazy scary ride that happened when Bush took hold of the steering wheel.

Moving on...Halloween was great- we all went to Provincetown and I was Greed from the 7 deadly sins so I made a money out of paper dollar bills. Saturday night I stole Alex's costume and was a bee (I'm allergic...its funny!!! Get it!?) I took a pic with my Epi-Pen.
November has been a great month thus far! The weather is great- just today I ran outside (and around the Cranberry bog!) in shorts and a T-shirt and the sky was as blue as could be. Last monday we hauled 3 ton of rock into the Quashnet river and set it up around the bank for river restoration. It was so much fun...until I fell in!! I tripped over a log in the water that I didn't see and WHAM! HELLOOOO WATER! I am still trying to get the inside of my waders and aquaculture gloves dry.

Friday we had an AmeriCorps convention in Boston where all 76 programs in the state of Mass came which comprised of over 2,000 volunteers. It was PACKED and the state Governor Duvall Patrick same and spoke to us. We then got a tour of the State House and in the House of Representatives there was a wooden cod that hung off the ceiling that was 4'11'' and I said to myself...That fish is the same size as Lynsey!!! Then I pictured her hanging above the House of Rep and laughed.

This weekend was pretty relaxing and I had my first MasterSingers by Sea concert. There were professional singers and orchestra members from Boston. It was great and now we are already preparing for the Madrigal feast in December!

Sorry this isn't too detailed---we are all watching Harry Potter right now and I am somewhat distracted :-) But I am SUPER excited for this coming weekend when I go to Binghamton to see Rhythm Method's semester show! I'll be sure to write after that!

Have a lovely week



you WOULD be watching harry potter. i remember trying to fall asleep one time and i was like WHAT THE HELL COULD SHE POSSIBLY BE WATCHING OUT THERE? harry potter. wonderful post though, love! i miss the poo outa you.

Catherine M. Telehany said...

Jac... Sue, Emma, Kim and I sit down every week with the fireplace lit and get cozy under a throw blanket to read your bloggity. We laugh...we cry...we laugh some more. Without your blog we would spend no quality time together. Thank you.

Catherine M. Telehany