Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RM <3

HOKAY SOO...I went to Binghamton this weekend and saw my old a cappella group- Rhythm Method perform their Fall show as well as saw all old college buddies and met some new members! First off...the show was AWESOME...if anyone knows me (which you all should..hopefully...) then they could probably guess that I cried. The first song...tears...then I got pity "Oh Jaci!" looks from Seth and Jen and then decided to dry my tears...but then I cried again at the end. My mom came to see me/the show and I successfully cried more than she did- which is probably a first EVER. I just didn't want it to end. Seriously great and they are going to competition!
Not only was the music great- but being back there was also--I mean, that group is my extended family. The new members- Emily, Alex (Talex), Alex (Slater) and Andrew all pretty much rock hardcore.

When I got back to New England (thanks to Mrs Matthei) I went into Boston and met Amanda and Ashleigh in an Irish Pub for dinner that was like walking into Ireland/a Lord of the Rings scene. Then we went to the Middle East which was a restaurant/bar for a concert by Centro-matic (really cool rock alternative band). I didn't get home until 1 am and had to wake up at 5 because we had service in Provincetown (the tip...an hour and a half away) that morning. So needless to say after a weekend of not going to bed before 4 am both friday and saturday nights--- I am EXHAUSTED! Eh..actually I'm probably just being a baby and should suck it up...good advice...I'll do that.

Moving on (moving on) our service in P-town on monday was BENCH BUILDING!! I think it may be the best service day I have had yet only because we started digging holes in the ground, then took a bunch of timber and made a bench- finished it- and stuck it in the holes and mixed concrete to finish it off. I got to see a project through start to finish and while my arms now hate me for lifting, hammering, digging and lugging so much...I felt so accomplished. AND by the end I was titled the official user of the screw gun because I know how to WORK IT! I am not talking about just literally working the screw gun--I mean work it in the "I make this look good" sense. Just to be clear.

Then TUESDAY! (which is today...oh boy it has been a long day) My COD day group and I did our RECYCLEFEST for Henry T Wing School in Sandwich! Our day started at 7am when we met at the school to set up/rehearse for the fest which started and 9am. Greg and I made a rap called "Recycle Michael" where we used the instrumental music from Chris Brown's "Run it". There were three main characters- Recycle Michael, Landfill Lenny and Soda Pop Pam (that was me!) Basically the rap was about Lenny- who does not know how to recycle and Michael and Pam who teach him how cool it is. The first line is a parody of an MIA Paper plane line by Lenny (as he flies a paper air plane into Michael): "I fly my paper real high like a plane, if the teacher tries to catch me too bad, I erased my name" followed by Michael who says "Hey Landfill Lenny, I'm not trash- I have a better place for your plane to crash (and points to a recycling bin!) It continues and at one point I lead the school in a cheer where Michael break dances while picking up recyclables and putting them in the bin. I'll stop there but I am obviously very excited about it and it went over very well. The kids were chanting "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- Go Michael!" at the end and teachers wanted us to do it in other classrooms. We also did a puppet show which was slightly disastrous on our end but the kids didn't realize so it worked out fine (we had to improv when the recording stopped working!)

Well- we are about to watch Wall-E so I am going to curl up with my crochet and fight for a comfy spot on a couch!
Goodnight all

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Ashley said...

Jac! It sound like you are up to some Adventure-ing!! AND you were back in Boston...soo cool! Your recycle project sounds so cool!

oh and p.s. I MISS YOU!!!