Sunday, January 25, 2009

Team Ready? DODGEBALL!

WHOOO!!!! Today was a blast- I was a referee for the West Barnstable Fire Department Dodgeball Tournament. The teams that were- Three firefighter teams, two cop teams, a sheriff officer team, a SWAT team and a Wellfleet house team and a Bourne house team. Naturally my job as a ref was to call all the shots and make sure both teams were kept in line. Normally this would have just been fun- but since the cops were playing (who were pretty big jerks the whole time by the way) I REALLY enjoyed being able to inform them when they were out for breaking the rules such as hitting opponents in the head, stepping over the mid court line and lying about being hit. I just hope I never cross them on the road because they may give me a ticket for no good reason :-P Just kidding- it was all in good spirits (but the cops really were a bit too serious) and the firefighters were great fun. Amanda and I know a few of the guys from the department because they host a "Fitness Friday" thing every week where we go and pretty much get our butts kicked into shape along with firefighters...I'm still sore and its Sunday! BUT back to the tourney- so inspite of all the scary team titles (especially the SWAT Team- I mean who messes with the SWAT TEAM?!) the Wellfleet house won!!! So AmeriCorps Cape Cod showed all those men whose boss 'round here.

Just a quick update from last time- the polar plunge did happen after all- which was actually a serious dose of fun. A lot of the locals do it on New Years because it is said to shock or restart your body (in a good way) so even though it wasn't for the New Year it was still really fun...I mean REALLY REALLY COLD...BUT fun. Everyone should do it at one point in their lives. Just do it! That day our service was beach grass planting and after we put up signs that AmeriCorps made up that say "These dunes aren't made for walking"...yeah..we're clever ;-) Another service project I did that week was called "Call of the Artic Gods" because we were outside in 7 degree weather..not including the windchill. It was myself, Phil, Amanda, Melany and Maria (or otherwise known as 'The Brave', 'The Strong', 'The Fair', 'The Valiant' and 'The Worthy') and we basically loppered invasive species and hauled large logs from old trees out of the woods. We kinda lost a pair of loppers (whoops) in the snow because there was so much but we just plan on going back after the first big melt to find it!
The last big service project we did was for MLK Day (or Martin Luther King day). AmeriCorps basically restored a shelter project in Cataumet by recruiting over 200 volunteers to paint rooms, sew curtains, make bookshelves and benches and supply lamps and compact fluorescent light bulbs to the whole shelter. The program supervisor said that this was the best MLK day this program has seen with respects to the number of volunteers recruited and amount of work completed which is pretty neat. We were all given bracelets for volunteering and I was at the gym a few days after and a lady was staring at me really strangely and she finally goes "You're bracelet- You're in AmeriCorps!" She was a volunteer that day with her family and she said she had a blast doing it and even gave me a few secret beach/kayak spots to use in the spring.

Tonight we had an encounter with a flying squirrel in our basement! He must have gotten in through the chimney and we can't catch him because he is so freaking fast (and kinda scary when he flies at you!) So we decided to devise a trap with peanut butter involved (hopefully not the salmonella kind!) to catch him and release him. Also we named him Clark- and I think I am in love :-P Big beaty eyes! Fluffy little tail! How can you possibly not love it. Diseases you may say? PSSHhhh- we have enough of that going around in the house without a flying squirrel- 4 people have gotten the stomach flu to date!! I have not yet (knock on wood- real or fake) but even if I did get it it seems to only affect people for two days at most so nothing too serious to worry about.

Tomorrow we have our first Life After AmeriCorps day- all about resume writing and job hunting- AHH!!!! DO I have to think about this stuff already?! Craziness- Just put me on a boat somewhere....

Live life.


Grammy said...

Hey Jaci - Just read your latest (25th) blog. I did manage to check out your 1/11 blog last week -- Kiddo - you have experienced more in these few months than I did in 5 years when I was 20-25! What FUN and fantastic experiences. And I love the way you write! (Sorta reminds me of some old gal you might know.)

Am having all kinds of fun hearing about all of this and would LOVE to meet everyone of your colleagues and friends!

Sounds like the deep freeze went ok...NOOOO thank you! THAT is for young people with a full heart beat - that CAN skip and not have it noticed! I'm afraid mine would skip --- and skip --- and forget to start again... BRRRRrrrrrrr!!

The song that was popular in about 1959 -- "Old Cape Cod" will have great meaning for all of you from now on! It says Patti Page made it famous - but either she dubbed harmonies in -- (which may be) or it was another recording that I recall. One of my best friends growing up - Diane Hochdanner (Mergler) worked on the Cape for one summer after her high school graduation. That was her "theme" for a long time.

Well - you keep on, Keepin' ON, Jaci! I love you---hugs & stuff - and "Hi" Bourne House!

Grammy Jan

Beth said...

Hi Jaci,

I just read some of your blogs and it sounds like you are having a great time. I wonder if you ever get time to sleep? Live life to the fullest....which I see you are. All is well here. Your dad is good. Devin asks about you often. I'm going to have Devin read some of your blogs when I can get her to sit down for a 1/2 hour. Can you believe Devin is a freshman? Well, I'm glad to hear you are having fun. When will you be finished with your internship? Keep in touch and hopefully see you soon.


Alisa said...

i miss you!!! it's still so exciting to read about what your life is like. i cant believe how quickly this year is going by...hope youre ready for the next saga your life will bring you. i'll be right there by your side enjoying the ride :)